Someone recently asked me what my favorite thing to photograph is (i.e. weddings, families, maternity, babies, or couples). And it really got me thinking — I don’t have a favorite. Every type of session brings its own sense of excitement and beauty. 

After an engagement shoot I bring a youthfulness kind of love home, reminiscing about the passion and simplicity from that time in my own life. 

During a wedding day I feel the butterflies my brides experience before their big walk down the aisle, soaking in the final moments of being a fiancé and ready to become a wife. 

I remember seeing those two pink lines all the country songs talk about. You get eager to tell the whole world about the new life you’re creating. That first ultrasound blows your mind. Yet nothing compares to the 20 week appointment when you can see more distinct features, debating over whose nose or toes the baby has. 

I can relate to all the thoughts going through a new moms mind. I remember bringing my babies home and just admiring all their little features. Curious about their future. Giving every part of me during these foundational years. 

I never expected to be a milestone photographer, but let’s just say each session fills my cup up in different ways. I connect with my sessions because I remember those moments and I can empathize with your feelings. 

How lucky am I to be able to capture all these beautiful stages of life.