Artfully documenting human connection


....but you can call me, Sami. I am passionate about storytelling through images that elicit an emotional response. I seek to connect on a deeper level. My unobtrusive presence allows me to capture fleeting moments of joy, love, and tenderness with intentionality. I am grateful for each love story I am called to witness. This photojournalistic journey originally began from a tragedy, that turned into a blessing, redirecting my attention that it’s all on God’s time.

A blurb about me — I was born again in 2015, I married my person in 2017, gave birth to our beautiful boy in 2018, welcomed our darling daughter in 2021, and joyfully brought into the world our second son in 2023. I love ocean waves, little feet, and anything with a motor.

If you prioritize connection and intentional documentation, then reach out and let’s make art for your walls.

Sami is a magician behind a lens. Her loving nature makes it easy to let your guard down, be yourselves, and feel comfortable...'ll be able to see authentic moments between you and your loved ones, and they'll be your favorite photos yer. Her work is timeless and her talent is unchallengeable.

Book her, you won't regret it.

— Christine

I want to document it just as it felt.

Capturing light, feelings & moments.

Everly Collective was founded with the intent to create emotional elicitation through artful documentation. My approach to our time together is rooted in providing an experience that feels true to you. This is your story told from a photojournalistic perspective.

I pay attention to all of the little details that make up the larger story. You don't need prior experience in front of the camera, a modelesque look, a perfectly clean home, or a million dollar wedding. There is so much beauty in the ordinary, the mundane, the everyday, the behind the scenes, and I vow to reveal that to you in an artful manor. What truly matters are the people you're surrounded by and the feelings that they bring you. That's where my heart lies.

Your job is to trust in the process, be willing to let your guard down, and show up with the intent to be fully present— I'll do the rest.

I feel connected to your stories. They inspire & refresh me — I take a piece of that home.

I have the great honor of photographing your life stories. Every type of session brings its own sense of excitement and beauty. 

After an engagement shoot, I bring home a youthful kind of love. I reminisce about the passion and simplicity from that time in my own life. During a wedding day, I feel the butterflies before the big walk down the aisle — remembering in the final moments of being a fiancé. Or when I saw those two pink lines all the country songs talk about and being so eager to tell the whole world about the new life being created. That first ultrasound blew my mind, but nothing compared to the 20 week appointment, ending in a debate over whose nose the baby had. I can relate to all the thoughts going through a new mom's mind. Admiring all the little features on this new human, and being curious about their future. I am in a season of expanding my threshold, giving every part of me during these foundational years, and relearning myself.

I never expected to be a "milestone" photographer, but let’s just say each session/season fills my cup up in different ways. I connect with each of you because I remember those moments and I can empathize with your feelings.