As September 9th, 2023 approached, Jaime and John envisioned a wedding day that combined old glamour with down-to-earth whimsy. Their ceremony in his folks' backyard was filled with style and elegance, reflecting their unique blend of influences. Drawing inspiration from historical eras, 1700s regal to 1960s Sharon Tate, and their rock and roll lifestyle, the couple created a truly memorable celebration. 

They first met at a concert where John was performing, and their connection was undeniable. Six months into their relationship, Jaime made the bold decision to move to Chicago to be with John.

When you see spoons set on a table you might think “supper time”, but when John sees spoons he thinks about what beat he could be jamming along to. This man has a huge passion for music, his family, and far above that, his beautiful wife.

John's love for music is a central theme in their lives, and it adds a unique layer of passion to their story. Their wedding day was a beautiful reflection of their love and commitment to each other.

I’ll be forever grateful Jaime ignored my “2023 books are close” announcement and instead took a leap of faith and reached out to me. These stories now live in the past, and it was an honor to preserve some them. Being intentional about capturing these moments on a mixture of digital and film is what drives me as a photographer, and working with couples like Jaime and John reminds me why I love what I do.