Let's get in to it.

When you choose to hire me as your photographer, you’re getting a uniquely tailored experience to ensure I properly tell your story. I’m not going to just show up the day off, snap some photos and then send them to you a few weeks later. We’re building a partnership to create something you want to frame and hang on your walls. Imagery has so much power to capture a feeling, but I can’t do it alone. 

I want to work together to make the entire session feel true to who you are, but in the most elevated way. Part of creating such meaningful imagery comes from the emphasis put on styling, and that’s where you come in! When you curate outfits that are true to you, while incorporating some of these key tips and tricks, it has the power to transform the entire vision.

So, where to begin? I want to make this as enjoyable as possible for you, so I created this page as a starting point. Browse below for some tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. If you’re still unsure after reading these recommendations, please feel free to reach out. I am here to help every step of the way.

Here is the link to a Pinterest Board I have created to get us started in the right direction. Also each image below is linked to find even more inspo!



neutrals | bold | muted tones

This can be the hardest part of styling, but picking a color palette is key to achieving the look you want for your photos. Think about how you want your photos to feel, how they will look hanging on the walls of your home. Are you drawn toward a calming color palette? Then doing a mix of muted blues, greens, and browns, might be perfect for you.

Neutrals keep all of the outfits in the same color family making for a timeless look that is super easy to do. The best part? You don’t have to perfectly match! Dress in a range of creams, whites, and light tans, and you’ve got a winning look. It’s really hard to go wrong when you choose a neutral color palette, and it goes well in any backdrop.

If a bold color palette is more your style, all I have to say is go for it! This can make for really unique photos that give more of a playful vibe. One or two prints/textures within the same range of colors is best. I love a bold look so if you need help feel free to email with options you're looking at. This is a perfect time to bring out your wide leg pants or your funky sunglasses to really make a statement.

If you fall somewhere in between neutrals and a bold color palette, then doing a combination of muted tones is the perfect option. Choose 2-3 colors for your palette. I suggest choosing one color as your foundation and then layering complimentary tones around it. This palette looks good in any outdoor location and is guaranteed to blend right into your home when you hang the photos on the wall.



I know prints can be tricky, so let’s talk more. There’s a way to tie everyone’s outfit together that isn’t you all being in matching plaid shirts. As cute as that may be, let’s mix it up a bit. Pattern and texture mixing can be done seamlessly by following a few general rules:

Keep the patterns smaller and more intricate. Bigger patterns draw the eye’s attention and doesn’t let go. They take away from the beauty of the photo as a whole. Plus, they are really hard to coordinate with.

Don’t put everyone in a pattern, matching or otherwise. When everyone is in a pattern, it doesn’t allow for the eye to rest, making the photo too busy.

You can either pull colors from the prints for the other or you can color block! This helps complement the look as a whole and makes for a beautifully elevated look.



We’ve got your outfits down, now let’s take your photos to the next level and make them uniquely yours with some props. They can help tell a story and add interest to any photo.

If you're info books, or film, or fries feel free to incorporate your hobbies as props! This makes your time feel more authentic.

When it comes to posing, I'll have an array of chairs, stools, ladders, and wood blocks to add dimension and layering.

Props can also be as simple as the accessories you wear. With a hat, you can hold it by your side, hide behind it, or grab at the brim. Grab your sunglass for a too cool vibe. Wearing a baggy sweater you can play cat and mouse in.

The options for props are endless and so are the ways they can be utilized.



Now for the really fun part! Don't be afraid to go one step further to really elevate your experience and deepen the creativity. Bring out the colors, the layers, the funky sunglasses,.

Let's make it editorial. Don’t be afraid to show some skin together. I’m ready to hype you up and make you feel like the goddess you are. We can make it tasteful.

If you already have an idea of your own, that’s great too! Or if you just know you want to do something different but aren’t sure what, let’s come up with something together! As an artist, photography is my outlet. I love any chance to get super creative. When there’s space to play into wild trends or explore new looks it allows me to do some of my best work — I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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