Hello love, I'm Samantha but you can call me Sami—

I'm passionate about telling your story through images that elicit an emotional response. I consider myself to be a modern photographer— leaving out the cold forced poses to focus on the beauty of those authentic in-between moments. I am here to capture your love with an artful eye and complete intentionality.

Every couple has a story that unique, wild, and special in it's own way— and I want to document that for you. I strive to connect on a deeper level with each soul I encounter. While I would love to book everyone who inquires, in order for me to be fully present and serve my clients best, I only take on a handful of sessions each month.

a few things to note —

I reply to emails during the week only. If you haven't seen a response back after 2 business days please feel free to reach out in case I didn't receive your email. Also, please check your SPAM box!


MATERNITY LEAVE MAY 20th - AUG 28th 2023